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Dubai Bluebirds?

PostPosted: Wed Feb 11, 2015 3:45 pm
by welshmod
Hi All

There used to be a few like minded souls but on my return to the region I can't seem to find any

If there any Bluebirds still living out here in Dubai that would be interested in meeting up for a Beer/get together, the please post on here or send an email to

I am looking to start a regular meeting and discussion group e.g.
* Links to games, meet up for screenings
* Shared usage of Season tickets - I have season ticket (and will be renewing) that can be used for any bluebirds visiting home/U.K.
* Also shared transport from London/Birmingham
* Forum articles
* Club performance

Alternatively if you have a group already up an running then get in touch as eager bluebird looking to join.



PS> Here's a pic of me in 'Dubai CCFC' t-shirt :)