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Re: Sticky :" Annis 'My Story' " Reviews/Opinions

Postby nickblue22 » Sun Dec 11, 2011 5:06 pm

Here is a brief review I've put on my own blog -

If anything, this review is possibly over-critical, as I did really enjoy the book. Have not mentioned that there are a lot of quite humorous sections, and I was also interested in reports on games from before I started following Cardiff (ie. pre-late 80s). The only thing, like I said in the review was that at times I think Annis is reporting more about the story of Cardiff City, rather than his own story, although I can understand of course that they are pretty inter-mingled!

Annis: My Story, An Autobiography by Annis Abraham Jnr

DEC 2011.
For my money, this is the best of Annis Abrahams’ books so far. I’m not sure if it is strictly speaking an autobiography: the majority of the book, as with Annis’ previous books, is still taken up with accounts of exploits at football matches, with just selected highlights of the author’s personal life. Unless of course it really is the case (quite possible!) that 90% of the life of the man once dubbed “Mr Cardiff” actually is devoted to supporting his beloved club!

The book features an entertaining introduction by Sam Hammam, the notoriously enigmatic former chairman of Cardiff City with whom Annis had a close friendship for most of his tenure. Despite Sam Hammam making this contribution to the book, the book is not always complimentary about him, which seems slightly incongruous, but I suppose it’s a reflection of the reality of the situation. Hammam was much loved for a spell, but people did turn against him. It’s certainly true however that most fans of the club have fond memories of the time he was in charge.

Despite this book having been proof-read, there are still frequent errors – whether it is a mis-placed apostrophe here, or an unnecessary use of capitals there – which is a shame as it gives the impression the book has been slightly rushed. With a little more care (the pages should really be right justified as well), it could have had a more polished look.

This aside, it’s still a very readable, engrossing book, which grips you better than many a book by more established authors – there are many “better written” books I have not finished reading, but this is a book I enjoyed to the end. From entertaining accounts of the time Cardiff played Hartlepool away at the same ground that Middlesbrough would later play Port Vale on the same day, to more troubling times for Annis, such as when he was caught up in events during forays abroad.

I’m not entirely sure of the accuracy of all the details in the book – for example, I’m almost certain that the fans who started The Ayatollah had not, as Annis states, been out to the Middle East, but merely seen footage on TV, but that’s a minor point.

In his summary at the end, Annis describes himself as a humble man, and for me this is the impressive thing about the way he portrays himself throughout the book. Whether he is mixing with the hierarchy of Cardiff City FC or on the terraces at Hereford Utd, he has no heirs and graces – he is a football fan first and foremost, with always the best interest of the club at heart.
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Re: Sticky :" Annis 'My Story' " Reviews/Opinions


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Re: Sticky :" Annis 'My Story' " Reviews/Opinions

Postby chris_ccfc » Wed Dec 28, 2011 7:54 pm

My apologies Annis for taking so long to compile my review but I honestly didn’t have a chance to read your book until yesterday, with a slight hangover and a rare day off to chill out I finally took the opportunity to read your book.

Firstly its probably no secret that many people won’t approve of your past history associated with our club, however I do not think for one second that this should put them off reading you’re latest book as I honestly found it a thoroughly entertaining read, once I picked it up I did not put it down again until every word was read.

Some great insight into how Annis grew up and worked hard to make his money and many entertaining tales of encounters on away trips and with club directors/staff. One thing that is clear throughout the book is how much Annis respected his parents and the love he has for his family, pretty heart-warming stuff to read. Some fascinating insight on your relationship with Sam Hamman and Peter Ridsdale, it’s also pleasing to see you not afraid to criticise them on their faults but also compliment people when it’s due.

Particularly liked some of the subtle hints about what may lie in the future with our club and the Langston situation, all we can do is wait and see what happens in the near future.

Overall I found the book a great read and would recommend it to all City fans, at first glance it may not be everyone’s cup of tea but I think they will be pleasantly surprised if they give it a go. Thanks again for the signed copy and it was a pleasure reading it, excellent read and well worth the money. Looking forward to the next instalment. :ayatollah:
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Re: Sticky :" Annis 'My Story' " Reviews/Opinions

Postby LutonBluebird » Fri Dec 30, 2011 6:35 pm

Annis mate just finished reading your book this evening!!
"at last he says, I posted that to you months ago"

I know I'm not the first and won't be the last to comment on it but I just wanted to say a few words.....

Firstly it's a cracking read Annis, i guess as a fellow Bluebird I like thousands of others can relate to so much of the content & story!
God knows how you remember so much of your hectic upbringing and life in general ??
Of course I would remember getting a text from Warren Feeney on the bench at Wembley during a play off final, but to remember so much of dates, times of not just games, but meetings, calls and texts!!

A lot of it was new to me, what u did when you were younger, where you worked etc, and so much of the book I can relate to such as games like Leicester away in the FA Cup years ago and Millwall away when you got involved in some trouble whilst I was moaning at my dad cos I got hit by a coin at the same game!! (my bit obviously isn't in the book)

And your daughter was right when you went to pay your respects at the graveside of your do look like your dad a lot, from the pictures I've seen in the book!!

Nice touch mentioning Mikey in the last line of the entire book to!

Guys if you don't own the book go get it,
You'll probably finish it quicker than I did but well worth a read. :ayatollah: :ayatollah:
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Re: Sticky :" Annis 'My Story' " Reviews/Opinions

Postby caliburn » Sun Jan 01, 2012 4:25 pm

My Story,
By Annis Abraham,

It only needs a glance at the cover of this book to know that there will be little about ballet dancing in it, and even less about dress designing. Annis glowers at the reader as if he has just spotted a Swansea supporter and doesn't care for the sight. He emerges from the pages of this book as a much more complex individual than the image most of us have of him would suggest and it's not easy to casually decide that he is a publicity seeking thug as some have suggested.

Firstly, though Annis is not a literary genius, the book is written clearly and concisely and says what it wants to say with speed and precision.

Much of the early part of the book is given over to detailed clashes with different 'firms' that took place many years ago and almost succeeded in killing the game , or so it seemed to me at the time. This is a topic on which Annis and I are unlikely ever to agree. He naturally sees these events as a part of his miss - spent youth and bathes in the golden light of old times and old friends when the world was young and full of opportunities to punch or be punched on distant fields. Not a pastime that those of us born into different generations and attitudes would care to indulge in.

It has to be said though that future social historians might well find a treasure trove of carefully described incidents direct from someone who as on the scene throughout this troubled period and who wore the clothes, walked the walk, committed the acts and apparently kept meticulous notes at the time . There is better to come though.

I've always found the Sam Hammam era to be fascinating and Annis was in the midst of the opening scenes of this saga and
and lays open the complex history of a period when Sam's circus came to town and blinded us with his glittering visions of a great future for the club. Sadly , it was only later when we walked through the still smoking ruins of his and our dreams that
the corpse of Wimbledon FC emerged from the rubble with a bony finger pointing at Mr Hammam.

Now we know that Annis is not everyone's favourite City supporter and his need for a hands on approach upsets some people, but there can be no doubting his whole hearted commitment to Cardiff City FC and his money has often been put where many mouths have offered little but noise. Those who hope to humiliate the author by suggesting that he has no writing ability will find little here to confirm that belief. Anyone with an interest in Cardiff City FC will find much to interest them here and I can recommend the book to those who would like to read of the shady dealings, the violence, and the possibilities for a better future for our fine old club.

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Re: Sticky :" Annis 'My Story' " Reviews/Opinions

Postby ijs1985 » Sun Jan 08, 2012 9:41 pm

My review for what its worth.

I bought this for myself just before Xmas for some light hearted reading over the festive period. Annis, as with every interaction I've had with him, was very polite, helpful and appreciative of myself buying one (or actually 2 as it happens) of his books. He was happy to sign the book and i received it very quickly, especially given the Xmas post. So for that I think his personal touch when processing your order, if you buy direct from his site and/or speak to him on here, is fantastic. Kudos for that Annis.
On to the book itself, now I have read previous books my Annis, so I guess I knew in part some of what to expect. I didn't buy this anticipating a fluent literature masterpiece, capable of winning a Carnegie award. Not surprisingly, and Annis would no doubt be the first to admit, it isn't in the running for a Carnegie award! However it is exactly what it is, the story of a well-known football fan and his experiences growing up through the 70s 80s 90s and today. It does touch on other stories that are covered in Annis' other books, so don't expect hundreds of new stories you haven't read or heard about before.
I must say it is probably my most enjoyable read of all of Annis' books I have got, a lot of the stories around the football have been touched on before in his other books. But 'my story' focuses on the bigger occasions football wise and blends that well with your personal life, upbringing, work etc which I think makes for a much more enjoyable read, and one that more people can relate than your usual football fight story of 10 of us vs 30 of them then the police came etc.
It is nice to hear Annis' story and your beliefs and the insight into your parents and family is nice, and can only help to create a better image of you than the media like to portray, to someone who doesn't know you! For someone who was lambasted by the media at times, without a chance to voice his opinion or stance, this allows him to do so; there are 2 sides to every story as we all know!
I feel readers may develop a growing appreciation for Annis from reading this book that others would not allow. The other books were often less personal stories, the fact that we have a real slant on the trials and tribulations throughout the years not only of the football club, but of his own life is what makes the book stand out. Topics such as child access, court cases, media slander and the death of some clearly much loved and well-respected parents allows us all to relate, and see the man behind the face, that has been plastered in both good and bad light by others.
All in all a good read, and an interesting look into the life of a man that we all have something in common with, our love for Cardiff City.
For a tenner delivered I would definitely recommend it, and would imagine it to be a cracking read on holiday sat on a recliner by the pool.
:ayatollah: :ayatollah:
ps why not give some childrens books a go next Annis :D
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Re: Sticky :" Annis 'My Story' " Reviews/Opinions

Postby MK Bluebird » Sun Jan 29, 2012 8:47 pm

Just finished reading this myself.

The first City book I read was the Rise and Fall of the Valley Rams so looked to get a couple more after enjoying the read!

Being a "plastic" supporter, and a fully paid up away member (must have known we'd get to Wembley) despite only attending a handful of home games a year, and Peterborough being my first away game this year this book really opened my eyes!

It gave a great account of the history, and to be honest being born in '82 I am quite happy that I never made it to the matches back then due to no one in the family having an interest in sport let alone football, as I would have shit myself. It does make you realise how lucky we were to have the loyal fans through those days in the past or we would definitely not be here now.

The whole history interested me, but in particular, being a Business and Enterprise Teacher all the talk of the business events made it a very balanced read, giving me added ammunition for the classroom!

My football intake these days is the odd city match, an occasional MK Dons visit and Wales (if they can ever manage to play a weekend game or one in a school holidays - if you notice none for the next qualifying campaign meets this criteria!!)

An excellent read that I am glad I invested in!

Now onto the next one in the pile!


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Re: Sticky :" Annis 'My Story' " Reviews/Opinions

Postby upperboatblue » Sat Mar 17, 2012 11:08 am


Well if nothing else, I found out something about the bloke who sits behind me every week I did not know

before reading it..!!

I had some memories from West Ham back in the day when I lived down that way

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Re: Sticky :" Annis 'My Story' " Reviews/Opinions

Postby Blackwood_Bluebird » Sun Jul 22, 2012 8:53 am

i have to say that i really enjoyed the book, learnt so much more about you and how you started life with business and football...

good balance in the book, some humour and i learnt more about city prior to my following which didnt start until very early 90's...

i sit really near you at the ground, but have to say as i dont know you personally have never thought about stoping you for a chat, but after reading the book i feel i know all about you...

some really good accounts and your head must be packed with all the memories that you have...

i would def recommend the book..

thoroughly enjoyed! :ayatollah:
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Re: Sticky :" Annis 'My Story' " Reviews/Opinions

Postby Tony Blue Williams » Sun Jul 22, 2012 11:05 am

Blackwood_Bluebird wrote:i have to say that i really enjoyed the book, learnt so much more about you and how you started life with business and football...

good balance in the book, some humour and i learnt more about city prior to my following which didnt start until very early 90's...

i sit really near you at the ground, but have to say as i dont know you personally have never thought about stoping you for a chat, but after reading the book i feel i know all about you...

some really good accounts and your head must be packed with all the memories that you have...

i would def recommend the book..

thoroughly enjoyed! :ayatollah:

Funny enough I was having a chat the other day on how did people make millions of pounds out of nothing? ' My Story ' really gives an answer which is extremely hard work and spotting an opportunity when it arises.

For any teenager or early twenties guy or girl who dreams of making a mint, this book is well worth a read.
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Re: Sticky :" Annis 'My Story' " Reviews/Opinions

Postby STeve_170 » Sun Jul 22, 2012 1:28 pm

Just ordered my copy now, cant wait to get it!
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Re: Sticky :" Annis 'My Story' " Reviews/Opinions

Postby CraigMc » Sun Jul 22, 2012 10:33 pm

takes me fuckin ages to read :(

Enjoying it so far :ayatollah: :)
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Re: Sticky :" Annis 'My Story' " Reviews/Opinions

Postby castleblue » Sat Aug 11, 2012 9:47 am

I took the book on holiday and must say I found it a really interest read although some of the content, around SH initial involvement with the club, I was already aware of from reading other books. Having said that the parts relating to Annis's involvement in the family business, his relationship with his parents, his feelings for his family and yes the parts relating to hooliganism were very interesting.

Whatever you views on hooliganism, and fair play to Annis he is very forthright in his views, the fact is that it did happen and is very much part of our social history through the 1970- 1990 and the insight Annis gives is very interesting. I would like to say a couple of things about this area and that is Annis is still very much on a journey regarding it's place in the modern day game. In the book Annis says it isn't worth it nowadays because of the risk of banning orders :? When you complete the journey Annis you will think it just isn't worth it FULLSTOP. The other thing is the Panarama thing where the BBC gave him pelters over the Euro 2000 thing and have continued to do so ever since. Well Annis has always maintained that whole thing resulted from the hooligan behaviour of a group of Blackburn Rovers fans and how interesting that fans of the same club caused the cancellation of a game in Holland only last week. Why? because of the hooligan behaviour of a group of their fans. I wonder if the BBC will take time to rethink their treatment of Annis over this because from my standpoint he just got involved in something he had absolutely no control over rather as the BBC portrayed was responsible for organising.

Family is obviously very important to Annis and his love and respect for his parents, his wife and his daughters is clear for everyone to see, but just behind his family is his love of Cardiff City Fotball Club which cannot be denied.

Our club does at times bring out the emotional side of Annis, but as in his own business dealings it's when he reflects on situations like the Golden Ticket scam that Annis is at his most impressive. Ridsdale must deep down hate Annis because that march did for the Riddler and in all my time of supporting the club was the most fantastic example of how to bring fans together in demonstration against the club. God help VT over this rebranding thing when Annis gets himself into the "Zone" over how to deal with it because I think he will and I will look on in great interest at how that develops.

Overall this is a great book and one a really enjoyed reading. Well done Annis.

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Re: Sticky :" Annis 'My Story' " Reviews/Opinions

Postby Jeffw » Sun Aug 12, 2012 9:06 am

Just spent a week down in saundersfoot and managed to find some quality time down there to read the book - it was a great book, well written and well structured - I thoroughly enjoyed it

Annis's tale about the old firm derby reminded me about my experience on new years day in 1987- a new year's eve spent with some rangers fans who had invited us up for the new year period, no sleep for anyone (kids, adults, grannies!), straight to the game on new years day -bloody mental day - especially with me (naively) wearing a bloody green shirt in the rangers end!
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Re: Sticky :" Annis 'My Story' " Reviews/Opinions

Postby cocker 32 » Sun Aug 12, 2012 9:43 am

Just read it whilst on holiday. Very good read and has changed my opinion of the man completely. Considering how close he is to Sam and the relationship he had with Ridsdale he always put the club 1st. But most of all, being a father of 3 girls myself, his love and devotion to his wife and children and of his undying love and respect of his parents. Excellent book.
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Re: Sticky :" Annis 'My Story' " Reviews/Opinions

Postby jtc » Sat Aug 25, 2012 5:50 pm

great book.i really enjoyed it.yes the football /casual stuff was good and written with honesty but it wasn,t what made the book for me.i loved the behind the scenes stuff.i found that very interesting.what really made the book for me though was the love for the family that Annis shows in his writing.i think a book could be written about Annis,s grandfather and without a shadow of a doubt about AA senior.i could imagine the struggles that they had to just survive never mind achieve what they did.the work ethic Annis had installed in him by his father stood out for me.the beauty shop stuff made me laugh.i would tell anyone to read this book.i found it inspiring .the conclusion i came to was that Annis is a passionate man who cares greatly about people and things .there is no doubt what his family and friends mean to him.that ,if i,m honest that struck and impressed me the most.the respect shown for his parents was joy to was the honesty in admitting much as he loves ccfc imo Annis knows what is really important in and friends first.good on you are a good man.
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Re: Sticky :" Annis 'My Story' " Reviews/Opinions

Postby 1922 » Wed Oct 10, 2012 8:47 pm

I'm finishing off the book at the moment and have to say that I really enjoy it.

'Annis My Story' is written by a man who witnessed and participated in almost half century of Cardiff City's history. The book is very informative if it comes to football, but also full of very interesting family tales.

For me, there are two things that stand out that I really like about this book. First is the storytelling. Second the honesty.

I will not write to much about it here, as I believe you have to check it by yourself, but what I can say is that few times I was really surprised by the latter. Especially when reading chapters about Sam Hammam, but also stories about Bradford, Chelsea, etc.

I think it is a great read and I would recommend this book to everyone, not only those interested in football.

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Re: Sticky :" Annis 'My Story' " Reviews/Opinions

Postby Forever Blue » Fri Oct 09, 2015 8:41 pm


Terry Phillips: Annis Abraham book on the Bluebirds tells it as it was

21 MAR 2013

By Terry Phillips

ONE of the first times I met Annis Abraham was at Ninian Park when he was among a group of fans who burst up the stairs of the main stand and confronted me in the old press box.

ONE of the first times I met Annis Abraham was at Ninian Park when he was among a group of fans who burst up the stairs of the main stand and confronted me in the old press box.

The group had set out to vent their feelings towards Cardiff City directors about the club’s decline, but those in the boardroom had heard of plans to protest and left quickly after the match.

Those fans, around 12 in all, swept straight past the boardroom at the top of the stairs and on up to the press box.

Ninian Park security men rushed across, but they only wanted to talk, maybe shout, and say how they felt.

I agreed to meet them the next day, at the 1927 Cafe in Splott owned and run by Bluebirds fan Lee Beames.

Annis and I have had a love-hate relationship ever since. There are times when we get on well, many others when we don’t.

To his immense credit, Abraham is a far more mature individual now than when I first met him.

He is a family man who puts wife Joanne and his daughter above everything.

One factor I have never, ever doubted is his passion for Cardiff City Football Club and his huge collection of Bluebirds’ memorabilia is something to behold.

He outlines his life in a newly published book ‘Annis – My Story’ with a foreword by former owner Sam Hammam, who says he has learned from his friend.

“What I learned from Annis is a Cardiff City of the past, nostalgia, and of roots,” says Hammam.

“Annis’ mind is for the future, but his heart is in the past. It is Ninian Park he longs for.

“The new logo which was designed to promote our Welshness he hated and lobbied successfully to get the previous one back.

“Annis wants standing, not seats for the hardcore and younger fans. He is fixated with a dislike of Swansea – and loathes rugby and their people who are jealous of the massive superiority of football.”

In his book, Abraham talks about his life from childhood through to the present day.

He speaks about his on-off-on again relationship with Hammam, plus the moment he called for Peter Ridsdale’s resignation at an EGM. He would later organise a 2,000-strong march against the chairman.

And he told manager Dave Jones last May exactly how he felt when a 1-1 draw at Burnley saw Swansea City finish above them for the first time in 18 years.

“I shouted loudly to Jones and he looked straight at me,” he said.

“For six seasons I had said nothing, but this time I said he should do the right thing and leave our club.

“He just shrugged his shoulders and wandered down the tunnel.”

Abraham has been in a unique position to chart the ups and downs of the club he has fervently followed since childhood.

There are too many nicknames in there for me, but the book is a good insight into his life and the individuals who have run the Bluebirds.

The stories are spot on because Abraham was there at the time.

He tells it as it was, even his view on the trouble he was caught up in at the 2000 European Championships in Belgium and the BBC Panorama programme ‘England’s Shame’ which he featured in.
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