I can justify the selection of two holding midfielders for c

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I can justify the selection of two holding midfielders for c

Postby Ninian27 » Mon Feb 12, 2024 10:10 am

I can justify the selection of two holding midfielders for certain away games. But, now, during the run in Bulut has to make up points and for that reason there is only room for one defensive midfielder and needs to be Manny Siopis, supported by two creative midfielders within a lopsided pyramid formation with either Ramsey or Rubin Colwill at the tip of the structure.

You can put an argument up for Ralls on the left side of Siopis because he is a left footer, but only with a mandate to go forward, not back and sideways. But Ralls' days are numbered, too many injuries, harnessed with a distinct lack of goals and meagre ability undermine Bulut's argument to hand him another contract - particularly when priority must be to create space for Joel Colwill and Eli King to develop.

As I told you previously I have always seen O'Dowda as a left-footed centre midfielder or filling a spot on the left-side inverted, although I appreciate he is not available now until next month.

I am slightly disappointed David Turnbull's left foot is not stronger, but I have not seen enough of him to judge. Clearly, though, there is more of a goal threat in him over Ralls, according to career stats.
Looking at what we have available in midfield, we can afford to release Wintle for money come the summer, as we still have too much duplication in the central midfield spots.

Don't forget too, Rinamhota and Adams are only out on loan, both will return after June with another 12 months on their deals. We are currently covering around 50% of their wage at Rotherham and Derby respectively.

But, Bulut has ground to make up both for his own profile and league points. He has to be bolder in team starting selection - although this might be somewhat problematic at the Hawthorns tomorrow night and Carrow Road, Norwich, this Saturday. Nevertheless, to do, is to dare.
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I can justify the selection of two holding midfielders for c


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Re: I can justify the selection of two holding midfielders f

Postby Maccydear » Mon Feb 12, 2024 10:04 pm

Wtf is a lopsided pyramid structure?

As I said on another post. It’s not football manager.
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